Verizon’s Nokia Intrigue appears in press photos

Last time we heard about it, Nokia Intrigue was set for a March 15 launch via Verzion Wireless.

We can’t confirm that yet, but we can take a look at the phone’s press photos.

As reported before, the Intrigue (also known as Nokia 7205) is a stylish clamshell that has external music-dedicated keys and a nice color transition effect on the inside case.

When it comes to features, Nokia 7205 Intrigue offers a QVGA internal display, a 2MP camera, Bluetooth, Web capabilities, V CAST Video, MicroSD card support and so on.



The handset’s price is not known, but Verizon will probably ask less than $100 for it on contract, thus there will probably be quite a lot of customers interested in buying it. 

Via Phone Arena

Author: Ilinca Nita

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