MetroPCS announces its first BlackBerry: the Curve 8330

BlackBerry Curve 8330 may be old news for Sprint’s customers, but it surely isn’t for those who use MetroPCS, as the regional US carrier has never had a RIM smartphone in its handset line-up.

The Curve 8330, which definitely looks stellar when compared to MetroPCS’ other devices, will be available to its subscribers starting this week. For the beginning, you’ll only be able to get it from Best Buy. By the end of March, the smartphone should also be on sale via other MetroPCS dealers and retail stores.    

Pricing details are currently missing, but MetroPCS said it would offer the 8330 together with two new unlimited rate plans. The first one costs $50 and it’s a personal rate plan that offers “unlimited talk, text, web browsing, MMS and BlackBerry email access through BlackBerry Internet Service.” The second plan costs $60 and includes all the above-mentioned stuff, plus access to BlackBerry Enterprise Server.


(this is Sprint’s BlackBerry Curve 8330)

With the Curve 8330 on-board, MetroPCS can now take a closer look at its plans of deploying a LTE network – and maybe it will finish it sooner than expected.  
Via Press release

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • Bionic

    I currently pay $345 per month for 3 Blackberries with data and voice. METROPCS please launch nationwide coverage!!! Please Please Please!!! I would switch in a heartbeat. The fact that your data service only work in major cities and the voice plan will incur $.19 per minute fees when “roaming” is the deal breaker for me. But in the mean time, I will still call my current provider and talk to them about this new MetroPCS blackberry plan. You would be surprised in what you can get just by talking to people. Maybe I may get some sort of credit on my bill just for thinking about switching.

  • blackberrybold9000

    blackberry is such a nice phone…

  • blackberrybold9000

    blackberry is such a nice phone…