Motorola KRE8 – the ultimate music phone concept?

Motorola KRE8 is a new phone concept that, if ever built, it would be among the weirdest handsets out there. Needless to say, it would also be quite distinct from the MOTOROKRs currently available on the market.

At first sight, the device looks like a portable media player, but it’s actually a full-touchscreen phone that should have 3G, GPS and lots of advanced music features. 

Designed by Jose Tomas DeLuna, the KRE8 would come with three pre-loaded modes: Instrument Mode, Record Mode and Mix Mode. These can be activated and controlled via the large touchscreen display.

One of the coolest things about the Motorola KRE8 is that you can literally split it in two pieces. After doing so, each piece uses its own accelerometer for detecting the gestures you make. This way, you can use the device as an instrument simulator – guitar, violin or drums – and simply start creating music.




The music you make can be recorder in MIDI format and shared via the handset’s wireless connection. 

Of course, this is only in theory, as I’m not sure how it would all work if KRE8 had been a real music phone. 




Here’s a video presentation with the concept, although the device looks oddly big in it:

Via Yanko Design

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • cragi

    Keep on dreaming Moto

  • cedu

    DAMN, thats what im waiting for for many years, i want one so bad and so propably every musician on earth. it should record to mp3 from internal mic or plug in power mic true the headphone jack and should have mastering tools plus multi track recording softwere. Check the device name Micro Br from Boss to know what im talking about. Hope this wont take long. Peace

  • cedu

    o and about the split in half thing, forget it, useless, but everything else mentioned would be a real good investment

  • Hisham Johnis

    Where can I buy one?

  • janette

    omgg what a phone !
    is it available anywhere ??

  • janette

    omgg what a phone !
    is it available anywhere ??