Nokia to launch Comes With Music in India

Nokia’s Comes With Music service is slowly but surely spreading around the world.

Currently available only in the UK and Singapore (Australia should get it on March 20), Comes With Music will also be launched in India, one of the world’s largest mobile markets.

The service will probably be rolled out in India just like it was in the UK – thus customers will have to buy special edition phones that are offered with free CWM subscriptions for one or two years.

After that, customers will be able to download as much music as they want and keep it on their phone / PC even after their subscription expires.


According to Mr. Chandan Dang, Regional General Manager at Nokia India, CWM might be offered with low-end phones, in order to better target Indian consumers.

An exact release date for Comes With Music was not given, but the service is expected to be available in India “in the first half of this year”.

Via The Hindu Business Line

Author: Ilinca Nita

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