Intel may come up with a shapeshifting phone

Intel doesn’t have a mobile phone of its own, but, if it ever will, it could be the most SF-like handset we’ve ever seen.

The California-based giant company is currently researching the possibility of building a mobile device that can easily change its shape. And yes, this does bring in mind that Nokia Morph concept.

But unlike Nokia, which said nothing about when the Morph will be manufactured, Intel says a prototype of its shapeshifting phone could be finished in the next 3 to 5 years.  

Basically, the device Intel dreams about can be transformed from a tiny cell phone into something the size of a netbook, and back – using the same mass of material. Even more, you could give it any shape you like, in between the two already mentioned, depending upon the task you need it to accomplish.


Jason Campbell, senior researcher at Intel, says that shapeshifitng is possible if the phone is made out of many (and very small) parts – this would make it function as a biological system. 

Make sure you watch the video below, it’s definitely worth it:

Source: Information Week, via IntoMobile

Author: Ilinca Nita

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