Vodafone Now Offering DRM-Free MP3 Downloads

Vodafone announced today that it has signed deals with many of the largest music labels and will be offering its entire music catalogue DRM-free, or without Digital Rights Management.

This decision is hot on the heels of a similar announcement made recently by Apple, only this time it is an entire mobile carrier doing it instead.

“By Vodafone pioneering DRM free on mobile and offering MP3s on PC, they will now have the freedom to download tracks from their favourite artists without any device restrictions allowing them to experience their music however they want it, wherever they are,” said Pieter Knook, Vodafone Internet Services Director.

If you have already purchased DRM music from Vodafone, don’t worry — you are eligible to upgrade your music to MP3 whenever you’d like at no extra charge.


Vodafone’s music catalogue consists of over a million different tracks with all of the major artists and music labels.

We’re enjoying this kind of news, as it means most carriers and music providers are moving toward this trend of allowing those who download music the opportunity to play it on whatever device they want to.

via Vodafone

Author: Brad Molen

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