iPhone OS 3.0 Details Coming March 17

This certainly wasn’t what we were expecting to hear this morning, but we have just heard the news that in less than a week we will have a sneak peek of what will become iPhone 3.0.

No information on the OS is available at this point, but we are expecting to hear quite a bit about it at a March 17 press event, around 1 PM EST. We will also have a look at the newest version of the SDK, so undoubtedly it will be a great day for both iPhone lovers and developers.

We also expect a handful of rumors to come down the pipeline before this all goes down next Tuesday, so if we hear anything legit or even interesting we will be letting you know about it.


Don’t expect the OS to be ready to go on the 17th, however; we believe we’re just getting an advance look on what’s being included. We just hope we don’t have to wait too long (probably June or July, if Apple goes with the usual iPhone timeline).

Via Engadget Mobile

Update: Boy Genius is reporting that 3.0 will include MMS and tethering via Bluetooth and USB!

Author: Brad Molen

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