HTC Maple Poised for CTIA?

News is coming down the pipeline again, and we’re listening. This time we’re hearing that the HTC Maple, the handset manufacturer’s latest QWERTY, is eagerly waiting to show itself at the CTIA Wireless Trade Show April 1-3 in Las Vegas.

We have been told the Maple is “Blackberry-like” and a cross between the Samsung Blackjack and Moto Q.

The HTC Maple has surfaced recently, when HTC detailed its 2009 roadmap. According to that roadmap, the Maple will have a 2.4″ QVGA display along with Windows Mobile 6.1. Additional specs include 128MB RAM, 256MB ROM and a 528MHz Qualcomm 7225 processor.


So, we’re eagerly awaiting CTIA to see if there is anything about the Maple that truly jumps out at us. At the moment we simply see another HTC PDA device with specs that aren’t the most flattering when compared to some of the other phones in the lineup. But we withhold any judgement until more details and pics come out.

via DigiTimes

Author: Brad Molen

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