O2 Rumored to Slash iPhone Prices This Summer

O2, the exclusive iPhone 3G carrier in the UK,  is rumored to be ready to offer the iPhone 3G for lower prices in preparation for a new version of the iPhone to come out sometime this summer.

Currently the 8 GB version is available for free on £44.05 a month contracts while the 16GB iPhone is free only on a £73.41 a month contract, but the rumors say the 8 GB will soon be free on £35 a month contracts and 16 GB will be free on £45 tariffs.

This is all unconfirmed at the moment, but it won’t be much of a surprise if true; after all, almost everyone is expecting a newer iPhone to come out this summer to continue the tradition of a summer release. Especially with news of OS 3.0 being announced this week, it’s usually a good indication of things to come.


In related news, another rumor circulating mentions that Orange may also begin selling the next-gen iPhone, thus ending O2’s reign of exclusivity in the UK.

via Pocket-Lint

Author: Brad Molen

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