Sprint 2009 roadmap leaked: HTC Rhodium, HTC Cedar, Samsung Dash, BlackBerry Niagara and 8 others

If this newly-leaked Sprint roadmap is legit, the second largest North American CDMA carrier will have at least 10 new handsets to offer in the upcoming months.

First of all – as expected – it’s said the Palm Pre will be introduced in the second quarter of 2009, thus in April, May or June.   

Unsurprisingly, the Pre is targeted at “high-end consumers and business users who need to stay connected to their office and who will benefit from fast EV-DO rev. A data speeds and a full functional device.”


Next, Q2 2009 should also bring the following devices to Sprint:

  • Samsung Dash, featuring a 320 x 480 pixels touchscreen display, 5MP camera and EV-DO Rev. A connectivity. It’s presented as the “second generation Instinct” 
  • HTC Cedar – a “low cost smart device” with WM 6.1, a QWERTY keyboard and EV-DO Rev. A connectivity
  • Samsung Mini, which is obviously the Instinct Mini / Instinct S30. It should come for an affordable price
  • Samsung Lucello (or Cello) – messaging phone with an alphanumeric keypad and a full QWERTY keyboard
  • Sanyo 2700, a low-cost messaging device with a QWERTY keyboard
  • LG LX-370 – a basic slider


In the third quarter of 2009, Sprint should release the following handsets:

  • Samsung Chianti – QWERTY slider presented as a “green device” and targeted at “affluent female customers”    
  • Samsung Ace II – obviously replacing the first Samsung Ace. It has Windows Mobile 6.1, QVGA display, QWERTY keyboard, 3MP camera, EV-DO rev. A and GSM connectivity
  • BlackBerry Niagara
  • Kyocera-Sanyo 3810 – simple clamshell

There’s also the HTC Rhodium on Sprint’s roadmap. This is actually the HTC Touch Pro2 with EV-DO rev. A and HSDPA connectivity. It should be out in Q4 2009. What’s weird is that the Rhodium appears as running on “Windows 7.X”, although Windows Mobile 7 will only be launched in 2010.


Anyway, since for the moment we can’t confirm that all the above-mentioned devices will be indeed launched by Sprint, we can only wait for more official details to come up.  

Source: Phone News via BGR

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • THB101

    hahaha ya right “Anyway, since for the moment we can’t confirm that all the above-mentioned devices will be indeed launched by Sprint, we can only wait for more official details to come up.” I highly doubt from previous experiences that Sprint would ever come out and admit that this is their line up. Look how long it took them to admit that the Touch Pro and the Diamond was going to be released.

  • http://www.gadgetheaven.co.uk gadget

    Haven't you had any grief for publishing this? We'd be slaughtered in the UK.

  • Brad

    I used to work at Sprint and this is exactly what their roadmaps look like. Although they do not always follow this to the T.

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    Sprint Customer Solutions <ecare2@cc.sprintpcs.com>
    to Shane <shane*****@gmail.com>
    date Wed, Sep 2, 2009 at 7:57 PM
    subject Re: Care #20090902170920 (General Inquiry – General Inquiry) (KMM63585290I15977L0KM)

    hide details 7:57 PM (11 hours ago)

    Dear Shane Stott,

    Thank you for contacting Sprint. I am happy to assist you with the
    release of Rhodium.

    The expected launch date of HTC Touch Pro 2 is September 08, 2009. It
    will be available after September 08, 2009 through the following

    Sales Representatives

    We value your business and appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

    Brandon M.

  • Name

    Rhodium= Touch Pro 2

  • Name

    Rhodium= Touch Pro 2