AT&T Ready to Offer iPhone 3G at No-Contract Pricing

Remember when AT&T first launched the iPhone 3G and, when announcing the pricing tiers, also told us that soon enough we would be able to purchase the phone at no-commitment pricing? Soon enough apparently equals roughly 8.5 months, as we have learned today that on March 26 the iPhone 3G will be available whether you want a new contract or not.

Here’s the rundown: the pricing tiers are staying the same for new activations/qualified upgrades at $199/299, and also for early upgrades at $399/499. However, you will be able to purchase a brand-spankin’-new iPhone 3G with no commitment (and not have to worry about unbricking it at point of sale) for $599/699, depending on which size you want.

Honestly that pricing is to be expected, unless AT&T were to magically start lowering the activation/upgrade prices in an effort to get rid of inventory for some unexplained reason sometime this summer (hmm…).

Disclaimer: this is only available to existing customers, and only one per line of service. So don’t expect to just waltz in to any AT&T store and sign up brand new service on an iPhone without a contract. There is no word on if this rule can be bent by purchasing a GoPhone plan, but don’t count on it.

Here are the visuals that confirm this change is about to happen.




We are finding it rather curious that some pretty major changes are taking place so close to each other; iPhone OS 3.0 yesterday, this today. What’s going to happen tomorrow?

via BoyGeniusReport

Author: Brad Molen

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