Nokia to Ditch Mosh Download Site

Nearly two years ago Nokia set up a website called Mosh with the idea that users would be in charge and could post whatever content they wanted for others to view or download. Now Nokia has other plans, and those plans do not include Mosh.

Rather, Nokia plans to open its new Ovi store in May, merging its software “Download” store with Mosh and widget service WidSets. This is really the official reason why Mosh is being shut down; Nokia wants to merge several small services into one, begin charging for use and regulate any content that comes in.

But was there something else going on behind the scenes? It was a great idea, and a huge success — 137 million downloads is certainly a success in my books — but a couple things helped lead to its demise: Mosh attracted a large amount of pornography, and Nokia clashed with record labels on the service. In the end, it looked as though it was more trouble for Nokia than it was worth, and the company decided to go a different direction.

As Mosh has reached 137 million downloads, that’s not too shabby for a service that did not use any marketing whatsoever.


Nokia hasn’t set a date for shutting Mosh down as of yet.

via Reuters

Author: Brad Molen

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