No WinMo Samsung Omnia HD, but there will be Android Omnia handsets

You probably already know that Samsung i8910 Omnia HD will be released with Symbian S60 5th Edition on board and not with Windows Mobile (like the first Omnia – the i900). 

A few days ago, some leaked info unveiled that we might see a Windows Mobile 6.5 Omnia HD as well, in addition to the Symbian one.

However, this will not happen after all.

Quoting some reliable sources from Korea, ms mobiles says that Samsung picked Symbian over WinMo for the Omnia HD because of Microsoft’s delay in launching Windows Mobile 6.5. Seems fair enough.


Another interesting fact is that Samsung wants to launch more handsets from the Omnia family and some of them will run on Android. Perhaps that Samsung Android smartphone that we recently saw will be Omnia-branded. We’ll see.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • danny

    this would KILL iphone in so many way because Android with Omnia HD would live Iphone in so many way

    hey can u emaill me about this when you get more news plz that would be great !!

  • Reveller

    Join the “Samsung Omnia HD + Android” Facebook group to show support for the move to Android: