Nokia Aeon launching next week. April Fool’s come a week early to Netherlands

This is one of the stranger ways learn about the possibility that a new and very interesting Nokia phone might be in the works.

Remember Nokia Aeon concept phone?

Well, one of the Dutch free newspapers –De Pers – has and advert for Nokia Aeon sitting on it’s frontpage, saying that it will be exclusively available next week at the online retailer

A quick check of the said retailer’s site confirms that they are also promising Aeon next week (if my Dutch Google is up to the task).


The specs of the promised Nokia AEON include OLED Touchscreen display, 12.1 megapixel camera, GPS, HSDPA and is only 9mm thick.

So how real this can be?

I’m 99% sure that at least the part of official Nokia AEON’s availability from next week is completely not true. Nokia just does not launch new phones this way – giving the phone to a secondary retailer in an advanced, but secondary market, without any announcement.

As for the rest – I am also very doubtful at this point. While Nokia indeed might be working on bringing Aeon concept to life, I’m pretty sure that there will be at least some cosmetic changes as the concept drawing is transformed into a real product.

Nothing in the advert pictures show that to be the case. Actually they seem to be exactly the same pictures that are floating around the Net, which is pretty stupid if you have product coming next week, and should at least have some new promo materials on hand.

So what’s happening?

Right now my money is on some stupid publicity stunt by the Dutch retailer to garner more interest for it’s site. April Fool’s are coming next week, so this might be their version of the prank, published a week early.

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Author: Stasys Bielinis

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