South Korea fully unblocks mobile IM starting April

If you live in the US or Europe, you’re probably able to use Instant Messaging services on your phone whenever you feel like it (i.e. you can send messages to any mobile number, regardless of the network it uses).

In South Korea, things are a bit different: currently, you can chat on your phone only with friends who use the same service provider.  

But this is about to change pretty soon. SK Telecom, KTF and LG Telecom, the only three South Korean mobile carriers, are working to establish an IMS (IP Multimedia Subsytem) that will allow mobile IM-ing between their networks.


(a typical South Korean phone) 

Customers will be able to use inter-carrier Instant Messaging services – including MSN and NateOn – as early as next month (April). This may have a negative effect on SMS services, but it looks like the Korean carriers are willing to take the chance.           

Via Telecoms Korea (subscription needed to view the article)

Author: Ilinca Nita

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