Android phones, Android Market heading to Korea this year

KTF, South Korea’s second largest mobile carrier, is reportedly in talks with both Samsung and LG, in order to develop an Android smartphone – the first for the Korean market.

The smartphone could be launched before the year’s end, but it’s not clear yet if it will be manufactured by Samsung or LG, or if both companies will contribute to it (that would probably be a first). 

Alongside Android handsets, it’s said that Google also wants to introduce its Android Market app store to South Korea, as early as Q3 2009.

However, the big G has to overcome some issues, including the fact that Google check-out is not yet implemented in Korea. And, since Android Market uses this payment system, it can’t be launched without it. 


South Korea’s smartphones are mainly Windows Mobile ones (about 90%), so the Android platform will be something really new for customers. Only time will tell if it’s going to be successful.  

Via Yonhap News and Telecoms Korea

Author: Ilinca Nita

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