Windows Mobile 7 to come with Zune?

That rumored Zunephone may never become reality, but this doesn’t mean Microsoft can’t bring Zune software to Windows Mobile, right?

And while chances for this to happen with Windows Mobile 6.5 are low, it’s said that Windows Mobile 7 will likely come with Zune integration.  

Last time we heard about it, WM 7 was scheduled for a 2010 release, so it looks like we have to wait quite a bit until Zune hits Microsoft’s mobile platform.

Well, at least the Redmond company has all the time in the world to properly integrate Zune with its upcoming Windows Mobile 7 smartphones.


Most probably, Zune for Windows Mobile will work like the desktop version – so users will be able to organize music and access Zune Marketplace or Zune Social.

The problem is, if you don’t have an unlimited data plan, you’ll probably end up paying quite a lot if you’re downloading a high number of songs. Anyway, let’s first wait for Zune to actually come to Windows Mobile, and then we can talk about stuff like downloading songs and such. 

Via WMPoweruser

Author: Ilinca Nita

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