Skype Coming to iPhone Next Week at CTIA?

It’s been nice to have Skype capability on such iPhone apps as Fring, Nimbuzz and TruPhone, but we feel it’s about time for Skype to come out with its own dedicated standalone app in the App Store. And Skype agrees with us!

So the rumor goes, according to GigaOm’s sources, that Skype is eager to announce a new app for the iPhone as early as next week. Interestingly enough, next week just happens to be the week of the CTIA Wireless trade show. Coincidence? Hmm.

Not necessarily a huge surprise. It’s been a long time coming; besides, Skype was just recently released on any Windows Mobile devices. Analysts believe these moves are crucial to Skype’s future success, as trends and consumer interests change. The iPhone is one such change in trends.


I will be reporting at CTIA next week, so I will have the opportunity to see if this rumor does come true. If it does, I will work on finding some screenshots and details of this anticipated iPhone app.

Will you use Skype on your iPhone if given the opportunity?

via GigaOm

Author: Brad Molen

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