AT&T intros LG Xenon and LG Neon

We’ve just seen AT&T’s Nokia E71x, Samsung Impression, Samsung Propel Pro and Samsung Magnet, so now it’s time for LG Xenon and LG Neon – both of which were also announced today by the giant US carrier.

Just like the other four new handsets, LG’s devices come with full QWERTY keyboards, complementing AT&T’s line-up of messaging phones.

Available starting next month, LG Xenon is a 3G handset that features stuff like AT&T Navigator, resistive touchscreen display, a 2MP camera and Napster Mobile. It will come in three color versions (black, red and blue), for $99.99 with a 2-yr contract agreement.


(LG Xenon and LG Neon – image via Engadget)

Smartphone Nation had the chance to preview the LG Xenon and they say the phone is pretty cool. Here are some live pics:



LG Neon lacks 3G connectivity, but that’s why it will be launched in the coming weeks as a low cost handset. Its features include:  2MP camera, AT&T Music, mobile Internet, email and Instant Messaging.

Via  Press release

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • abcyesn

    Today i find a people evaluate the LG Xenon vs AT&T Quickfire like this.He said that “From the shape we can see that the LG Xenon is more smooth,and the AT&T Quickfire has more edges and corners.Personally,i prefer the AT&T Quickfire to the LG Xenon,beacause i think there are textures of the AT&T Quickfire,but also i like the colours of AT&T Quickfire,especially the silver color.While the LG Xenon’s colour is more fashion,customers who like fashion can choose the LG Xenon. In features,both of the two at&t cell phones are all almost same.They are all tochscreen mobiles and all sports a full QWERTY keyboard.Besides they also support the same Bluetoot,GSM/GPRS/Edge/HSDPA,as well as offer WiFi connectivity, a 2.8-inch display(the resolution may not same),camera.But the LG Xenon will come with a 3-megapixel camera,the AT&T Quickfire will feature a 1.3-megapixe……”


  • coolfx35

    I have only had this phone for 2 days but so far I am LOVING IT! I couldn't decide if I wanted to go with this one or go with the Samsung Impression. I am really glad I picked this one especially for how much cheaper it is.

    One thing that I want to point out about this touch screen is that unlike the iPhone (which I had), you can use a stylus pen or any other pointed pen/pencil with it. Sometimes when I am on the browser my fingers are too big to click on a small link, this is where a stylus can be handy!

    Came across it's a very user friendly place for us the LG Xenon owners.

  • Duke

    I would prefer the LG xenon because of the web browser and the touch screen. There is also a task bar where you can muli task like text while listening to music and surfing the web. The only bad thing about the xenon is that there is no shift key, only a caps lock key which is still okay. The neon has fewer keys and it has arrows that you navigate with. The touch screen xenon is wayyyyy better than the neon.

  • bubba

    i [refer the lg xenon cuz the screen is way biger than the lg neon ang the xenon makes life way easier so ppl just get the lg xenon and dont gat thr neon

  • bubba

    i [refer the lg xenon cuz the screen is way biger than the lg neon ang the xenon makes life way easier so ppl just get the lg xenon and dont gat thr neon