AT&T Nokia E71x now official, will be soon available for $99

First seen way back in November 2008, AT&T’s Nokia E71x is now finally official – although not yet available for purchase.

The S60 Eseries smartphone is featured on the North American carrier’s website as “coming soon”, and AT&T says you will be able to buy it in a few weeks. After a mail-in rebate and with the signing of a 2-yr contract agreement, Nokia E71x  will cost only $99 (cheaper than Verizon’s Nokia 7205 Intrigue).     

Save for the fact that the E71x comes in a black case, there aren’t too many differences between it and the E71 that can already be purchased via the Nokia USA website.

Of course, there’s the AT&T branding, AT&T firmware (which includes AT&T Navigator) and the subsidized price ($99 vs. the $359 no-contract price).


All in all, there will probably be many happy AT&T customers after the Nokia E71x becomes available.

Via Press release

Author: Ilinca Nita

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