Blackberry App World Now Live

As rumored, RIM has released Blackberry App World to the general public. It was expected to come out sometime April 1, and like clockwork it came out just after midnight EST. App World is Blackberry’s answer to the giant success of Apple’s App Store.

App World will let you easily download any app that has been submitted by developers. Just like the App Store, there will be a good mix of both free and paid apps; in order to buy apps you will need to sign into a Paypal account.

This is exactly what RIM needs to begin coaxing back many of the customers it has been losing to Apple over the last couple years. Whether the strategy will work or not remains to be seen. Will it be enough?


Currently there’s not a whole lot available because there has been limited access for devs up until now — some featured apps are Shazam, Brain Challenge 2 and Bloomberg — but give it a little time and the App World will be hopping just as much as its major competition.

It’s easy to download App World into a PC or directly into the Blackberry itself. For now it is available only to US, Canada and UK customers, and you must have OS 4.2 or higher with a trackball or Surepress screen (pretty much anything less than 3 years old).

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Author: Stasys Bielinis

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