Nokia Point & Find service announced, seems awesome

Today, Nokia introduced a new and innovative mobile service called Nokia Point & Find.

By leveraging on advanced image recognition technologies, Nokia Point & Find allows mobile users to simply point their handset’s photo camera at real-life objects in order to obtain (via a wireless Web connection) relevant information about them.

The service (in beta version for the moment) can also integrate GPS-related info, recognize bar codes or provide support for text-entry searches.

Nokia gives the following examples of how we could use Point & Find:

  • A visitor to a museum points their phone at any object on display and immediately accesses related multimedia content and invitations to special museum events.
  • A child at home points their phone at a toy and instantly enters related contests, downloads coupons, or purchases similar products.
  • A woman on the go in the city points her phone at a cool new car and instantly sees details, finds the closest dealership, or schedules a test drive.


Being an “open service platform”, Nokia Point & Find could allow various companies to develop breakthrough mobile consumer experiences (and the above-mentioned examples include some hints on how a company or organization can create revenue thanks to the new service).

Currently, Nokia Point & Find is available only in the US and the UK, for select Nokia phones – probably the ones with high-end photo cameras. To try it out, visit the service’s website and enter your phone number.

Via Nokia

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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