Nokia: WiMAX is doomed, will go the way of Betamax

Sprint (alongside Intel and other companies) may believe WiMAX has a bright future, but Nokia, the world’s largest phone maker, thinks otherwise.

Not only that Nokia has chosen LTE as the preferred network for its future handsets, but the Finnish company also believes WiMAX is a doomed technology (despite being itself a member of the WiMAX Forum).

According to the Financial Times, Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia’s head of sales and manufacturing, believes WiMAX will have the same fate as Sony’s Betamax video format – which is now obsolete as it was “defeated” by the VHS format.


Anssi Vanjoki is quoted as declaring:

I don’t think the future is very promising [for WiMax]. This is a classic example of industry standards clashing, and somebody comes out as the winner and somebody has to lose. Betamax was there for a long time, but VHS dominated the market. I see exactly the same thing happening here.

On the other hand, Julie Coppernoll, WiMax marketing director at Intel, said:

We think WiMax is here to stay. WiMax networks have a coverage area of 400 million people and are projected to reach double that by next year.

In the US at least, where Verizon and AT&T will deploy LTE networks in the near future and only Sprint is going the WiMAX way, the latter technology is obviously going to be less popular than the former.

In fact, Nokia thinks LTE will be the major 4G technology worldwide by 2015, and that’s not that hard to believe.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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