Samsung B7610 Louvre with WM 6.1 spotted

Samsung B7610 Louvre is a new and obviously unannounced handset that should come to replace the Samsung F700 (released at the end of 2007).

The B7610 appeared at The Phone House (Dutch version of The Carphone Warehouse) and we can see that, design-wise, it is only slightly different when compared to the F700 – it has the same form factor and a similar sliding QWERTY keyboard.

However, unlike the F700, Samsung B7610 Louvre is a smartphone and it runs on Windows Mobile 6.1.

Its features are not known yet, but we should expect it to have HSDPA connectivity and a camera of at least 3.2MP.


We’re not sure what does the B7610 have to do with the Louvre Museum, but, hey, we’ve seen weirder phone names before.

Samsung B7610 Louvre may be launched sometime in July, although, of course, there’s nothing official about it for the moment.

Via GSMhelpdesk

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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