Verizon’s LG enV3 appears in live photos

If you liked Verizon’s LG enV and LG enV2, you’ll probably also like the upcoming LG enV3.

Thanks to a couple of live shots with the enV3 (appeared over at Howard Forums), we know the handset has a larger external screen and a redesigned QWERTY keyboard (there’s a space bar in the middle).

Also, LG enV3 will come with a 3 Megapixel camera that might have autofocus.

Further details are currently missing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the (blurry) pics below:



The enV2 is currently offered by Verizon for $129 (with a contract agreement), so the new enV3 should have a similar price. Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on when Veriozn will launch the enV3.

Via Phone Arena

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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  • wolfe

    if you would get info on the release date on the env3 for verizon please let me know !! plus if you get anynew pictures then please send me them as well

  • wolfe

    send them to

  • Shelene

    According to Verizon live chat tonight, the env 3 will be released May 29.

  • The Awesome One….

    I heard May 29th and the person who said it called Verizon and already owns an EnV3 so i think i'd take her word on it.

  • Woot Woot

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh that's next week

  • kenny

    OMFG it comes out on my birth day ut i have the enV2

  • beyonce

    video phone video phone video phone if you want me you can watch me on your video phone imma imma a diva imma imma a diva imma imma a diva nanana diva is a female version of a husla if i were a boyyyyyyyy i would turn of my phone tell every one it was broken so they would think im sleepin alone put myself first

  • TREY


  • melissa

    i have one!!! they r awsome!!!

  • melissa

    ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but im spoiled so my parents r getting me the lg env 3. or i could wait for the lg env 4

  • kaila654000

    I love this phone cant wait till i get get

  • soccerlover

    do u know when the 4th is comin out? i don't know if I should get the 3rd or not.

  • soccerlover

    do u know when the 4th is comin out? i don't know if I should get the 3rd or not.