Another new iPhone Rumor: 802.11n Support

The cabinet we file all the rumors about the new iPhone(s) coming out this summer is starting to become so full we can’t pack any more rumors in. The newest rumor stems from wireless radio component specs embedded within the OS 3.0 beta firmware that include support for a low-power 802.11n chip.

This support was specifically for the third-gen iPod Touch, and naturally it becomes assumed that it will include next-gen iPhone as well. The current iPhone 3G and second-gen iPhone Touch can support 802.11g speeds.

In addition to the new chip, it was also suggested in the specs that there will be more focus in these new devices to offer more efficient power management, with a new PMU (power management unit) and shared Bluetooth/WiFi receive signal path.


These attempts at making the iPhone and iPod Touch a greener device will be quite helpful in the future if Apple is to include background app support. Apple stated during the 3.0 announcement that it would not consider background apps because of the tremendous drain on battery life, so this may be a major step in the right direction to help make that a possibility down the road.

What other features could become a possibility if Apple finds a way to strengthen battery life in its devices? Post your ideas below!

via AppleInsider

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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