#CTIA09: Palm Pre’s new Applications

Of all the vendors at CTIA, Palm had the highest expectations coming into the show. The ironic thing about that statement is that Palm wasn’t even officially a vendor. Palm let Sprint do the work for them instead; and even then, Sprint didn’t have a booth — just a VIP press lounge tucked away from the main floor.

Rumors coming out before CTIA 2009 claimed attendees would get some genuine hands-on treatment of the highly anticipated Palm Pre and also hear an official release date on Sprint. Sadly, we got neither. The Pre was present in the lounge, but strict policy prohibited press from even touching the device. The Pre was to never leave the hands of the Sprint/Palm reps.

This wasn’t too different from our experience with the Pre at MWC in February. It was a yawner then, and it was frankly a yawner at CTIA as well.

With that said, we did get to gaze upon it from a couple feet away and the Palm rep showed off a couple of the Pre’s latest applications such as Pandora and Sprint TV, not to mention the Emulator for fans of the old Palm OS.

Here is the first video of a Palm rep pointing out the Pre’s latest additions.

And let’s throw in a few pics as well.

The little bit I saw of the Palm was good. I found the WebOS to be rather creative and easy to figure out. As you could see in the video, however, the processor was not up to speed. We are hoping that this is just due to it being a pre-production model and Palm hasn’t worked the bugs out yet; but the jury is still out and will continue to be out until the mysterious “before the end of first half 2009? release date.

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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