HTC Snap, Touch Pro2 Given Release Dates on T-Mobile

For some fabulous weekend rumors, TmoNews is now reporting a schload of tentative release dates for several handsets, most notably the HTC Snap and Touch Pro2, which will be rebranded on T-Mobile as the Wing II.

These are not official release dates, of course, so these certainly are subject to change at any time — and most likely will.

So let’s get on with it, shall we? The HTC Snap anticipates a July 1 release, while the Wing II will be gracing the shelves of T-Mobile stores on July 22.



Still no word on when the G2 is going to drop on T-Mobile, but we do have a few other dates here for you:

  • Sony Ericsson “CS8? (could this be the C905?) on June 24
  • Sidekick “Blade” on May 13
  • Samsung T469 and T559 on July 15
  • Samsung T749 on July 22
  • Samsung T659 on August 19

We don’t know much about the Samsungs to be released this summer. The T469 sounds like the successor to the Samsung T459 Gravity, however. Does this mean it will be a similar style with upgraded features, or completely different style altogether? Not sure yet.

Still no major Android news as of yet but we expect to receive more word on upcoming Android devices sometime soon.

via Tmo News

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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