Nokia’s Friend View updated, still in beta though

The same day it updated Ovi Mail (to v. 1.1), Nokia has also updated Friend View, the experimental location and micro-blogging service launched back in November 2008.

Apart from coming with some bug fixes and some small enhancements, the new Friend View for S60 phones allows you to run it as a background application – it has a Normal, an Active and a Refresh mode for this.

Also, the app comes with a so-called “pling-plung” feature that tells users when their friends are near by. 

Moreover, the Friend alerts’ meeting zone is customizable, thus you can define how close your friends should be for receiving alerts.


There are a handful of shortcuts available in Friend View, including :

– click 1 to open Friends
– click 2 to start writing a post
– click 3 to open What’s up!
– click # and * to zoom in and out
– click 0 to quickly locate yourself on the map
– click 8 to switch to panning or hopping mode on map
– click 5 to switch Refresh mode to get updates depending on your battery possibilities and your friends’ activity

If you want to try Friend View on your Symbian S60 handset, you can download it from here – for free, of course.

Via Nokia Beta Labs

Author: Ilinca Nita

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