BlackBerry Storm 2 to come in September 2009 with Wi-Fi

Launched by Verizon Wireless in November 2008, BlackBerry Storm is surely an unusual smartphone – after all, it’s RIM’s first touchscreen device.

However, the device lacks a feature that no modern smartphone should lack: Wi-Fi.

Well, it looks like the next-generation Storm will come with Wi-Fi.

According to SlashGear, “a source very close to the issue” confirmed that Verizon plans to release a BlackBerry Storm 2 in September this year.

Apart from adding Wi-Fi, RIM will also bless the Storm 2 with even more features for the pro consumers, but the source didn’t say what exactly these features are.


All in all, let’s hope these are not just rumors and RIM is indeed preparing a Wi-Fi capable BlackBerry Storm.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • Jason Hall


  • lalamSrao

    this is xlent

  • JIllian

    this isnt different from the first so it must be awesome…cuz i hav the storm and itss ammazzingg even without wi-fi..if u absolutley need it get the iphone which is far behind the storm

  • Hamdi eiise

    hey why we dont have black perry in norway. i love blackperry soo much that is sug we dont have her. we lov blackperry soo much that we shueld have , its not fair that we dont have come people who made blackperry shueld made to atder country to.

  • seanharvey

    Will the addition of WiFi allow the Verizon subscriber to opt out of the presently mandatory data plan? Knowing VZWs' consumer-unfriendly attitude, I'd not bet on it. I have a problem paying 2x-3x the cost of a (99.999% reliable) landline for wireless service fraught with dropouts and dropped calls.

    What then would be the advantage of having WiFi?

    I continue to stay with VZW sans contract using the trusty Moto E815 (the best phone they ever sold due to the disastrous, inflexible corporate U.I. ALL later handsets were saddled with) and have only flirted with re-upping to a 2-year contract since the Storm came out. Wasn't blown away by it as I WAS by the iPhone. It is still the most elegent, intuitive piece of H/H tech I've ever seen which has nearly gotten me to defect to ATT.

    Sticking with VZW (so far) in hopes of them FINALLY coming up with a TRUE iPhone killer!

  • vjvj

    Well i have the blackberry and it come with internet with ALL contracts so whjats the point having WIFI on it because, u just go on the internet and yes the iphone is shit i have one aswell and would choose my blackberry any day !!!

  • Quinn

    Get read for the porn…. already provides vids for the first gen and plans to stream when the Storm 2 drops. For free

  • murtiasih2020

    great one

  • Murti

    great one