LG GM310, GM210 and GM205 officially announced

We first saw the LG GM310 more than one month ago, not long after MWC 2009 closed its doors.

Now the handset has been officially announced, together with other two music-oriented phones: LG GM210 and LG GM205.

All three handsets come with Dolby Mobile and LG Sound Engine technology, so they should offer a pretty good sound quality. 

Since we’ve already covered the specs of LG GM310, we’ll now talk about GM210 and GM205.

The GM210 is a slider, while the GM205 is a candybar. Both phones feature 2MP cameras and MicroSD card support (up to 4GB and 2GB respectively).



(from left to right: LG GM210, LG GM310 and LG GM205)

Although it didn’t disclose their prices, LG said the new phones should be released in the next few months, first in Latin American emerging markets. After that, the handsets will also reach Eastern Europe and Asia.

The GM210 was recently approved by FCC (with GSM 850/1900 bands), so it might appear in North America too.

Via LG (in Korean)

Author: Ilinca Nita

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