Cellphone energy gap widens, says Strategy Analytics

According to a report issued by Strategy Analytics, the average time between charges for mobile phone users is likely to fall by 4.8% per year in the near future.

The report mentions that, in the last three years, battery capacity in handsets has increased by only 4% yearly, despite the fact that nowadays phones (and especially smartphones) need much more power than the ones we had a few years ago.

It’s said that web browsing, social networking and GPS navigation will grow “from a combined 9% of the battery budget in 2008 to 30% by 2014”. So, in case manufacturers don’t find ways to significantly increase battery lifetime, we’ll need to charge our phones more often than we do now.


(an O2 Universal Charger)

However, the future will probably bring new technologies that may be more energy-efficient.

“Strategy Analytics believes that emerging technologies, like Fuel Cells, Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP), small semiconductor process nodes and bistable displays, could eventually have a positive impact on the cell phone battery budget,” said analyst Sravan Kundojjala. 

Via Press release

Author: Ilinca Nita

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