Sprint employees starting Palm Pre training – release imminent?

We all know the mighty Palm Pre should be launched sometime in the next few months, but, unfortunately, neither Palm nor Sprint have announced the smartphone’s exact release date. 

However, according to PreThinking, Sprint is now training employees, making them ready to teach customers everything about the Palm Pre.  

Reportedly, a Palm rep. said: “I would like to inform that Sprint is in the process of providing the training for the new Palm Pre. Once it’s launched, Sprint will be ready to serve their valued customers regarding the Palm Pre.”

Sure, that doesn’t mean the new handset is ready to be released, but it does bring it closer to hitting the market – we could even speculate it will comes this month, or maybe in May.


All in all, Sprint should definitely hurry up with the Pre. After all, the new iPhone is (probably) coming in June and it might steal many possible Pre customers. And neither Sprint nor Palm want that, right?

Meanwhile, you can watch the latest Sprint commercial featuring the Pre:


Via Phone Arena

Author: Ilinca Nita

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