Android 1.5 on the way

Well what do you know, the next release of the Android platform will not be Android 1.2, but Android 1.5.

An early-look Android 1.5 SDK (software development kit) has just been officially announced, and it’s now ready for all the developers out there who want to try it. 

The Android 1.5 SDK is “based on the cupcake branch from the Android Open Source Project” and comes with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for several features, including soft keyboards, speech recognition, live folders and home screen widgets. 

Of course, the APIs you’ll find in this particular Android 1.5 SDK are not finalized (since it’s an early-look version), so you should not release applications based on it.


It’s not clear yet when and how the 1.5 version of the OS will be available for the Android smartphones that are currently on the market.

However, if you want to download the early Android 1.5 SDK, you can get it from here.

Via Android Developers Blog

Author: Ilinca Nita

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