LG sells 20 million QWERTY phones, helped by the enV and Rumor series

Only one week after announcing it shipped more than 2 million Cookie phones, LG has now made another official announcement, saying that it sold no less than 20 million QWERTY phones worldwide.

Most of them were sold in North America, where LG introduced its messaging phones in 2005 (Verizon’s VX9800 was the first one).

During 2005, there were 350,000 LG QWERTY phones sold worldwide. In 2006, the number almost doubled, reaching 600,000 units. The following year (2007), brought sales of 2.7 million units, while in 2008 LG shipped 12.7 million QWERTY-equipped handsets.


Phones like LG enV and LG Rumor are very popular in the US. For example, the enV series reached 8 million units sold, the Rumor series 6 million, and the Voyager series topped 3.5 million units.

Thanks to the success of its messaging phones, LG now has a 20.8% mobile market share in North America – a significant increase from the 15.8% share reported in 2007.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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