Orange, Vodafone to Bring Streaming TV Services to iPhone

Using the iPhone in France and Portugal is becoming a lot sweeter this week. Both Orange France and Vodafone Portugal have come out with “TV on the Go” services for its iPhone customers.

So far this is a pretty unique offering on the iPhone, but with two countries adopting the service in a couple-week span of time we hope to see more countries get the hint.

Orange is calling its service “TV from Orange”, and offers it as either a monthly plan or pay-as-you-go. TV from Orange will stream up to 60 different TV channels, ranging from national French stations to worldwide options.


Vodafone is calling its app “Vodafone Mobile TV”, and all we have found for details so far is that it’s a free app in Portugal’s App Store and it offers a couple nice features such as Fast Channel Switching, which aims to make the iPhone TV much more like our normal TV channel-surfing experience.

Vodafone Mobile TV is being developed by WIT Software, which is actively searching to make their app available in other countries as well. We hope to see more countries launch similar services. Hulu, anyone?

via IntoMobile (Vodafone) and Engadget Mobile (Orange)

Author: Brad Molen

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