Windows Mobile 6.5 Launching May 11

Let’s get one thing straight: we gadget geeks LOVE dates. We are always pressing to find out official release dates of phones and other big launches. So we are proud to announce that someone on the WinMo dev team’s blog has given us a launch date for Windows Mobile 6.5: May 11.

Interestingly enough, this date is the opening day of Microsoft’s TechEd 2009 Conference, which I think is the perfect place for such a large product launch.

Don’t start thinking, however, that this means we will be able to rush to our computers and download 6.5 on May 11 exactly. Devices pre-loaded with OS 6.5 will still be coming this fall, and most likely it will take some considerable time for new ROMs, official or unofficial, to start hitting the market.


With 6.5 being the focus of TechEd, we find that on the docket for TechEd is a number of classes and demonstrations specifically on the new OS. Windows Mobile 6.5 will feature a number of gesture and touch commands.

Microsoft has a lot riding on 6.5. Every other OS platform seems to be passing WinMo by and leaving it in the dust. Here’s to hoping 6.5 and subsequent Windows Mobile 7 sometime next year will make up for lost time!

via Electronista

Author: Brad Molen

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