Vodafone UK confirms the Nokia N97; Nokia N86 8MP too?

Vodafone UK has recently added the Nokia N97 to its website’s Coming Soon section, saying the high-end Nseries smartphone would be available starting July.   

Of course, the handset might actually come later than July, but it’s almost certain that, sometime in the summer, Vodafone’s customers will be able to buy the N97 for a subsidized price – probably much lower than the €550 retail price announced by Nokia back in December.

In addition to the N97, Vodafone UK could also release the Nokia N86 8MP.

According to J. Whatley, a Vodafone representative confirmed that the N86 is currently being tested by the carrier and, if everything goes well, the 8 Megapixel handset will be launched “sooner or later”.


Back to the N97, the smartphone was also confirmed by Vodafone Germany (although without a release date), so it will probably be launched by the giant carrier in several other European markets too.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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