Pilotfish Ondo – a music editing phone concept

It hasn’t been long since we saw that Motorola KRE-8 music phone concept, and here we have another weird concept targeted at music enthusiasts.

This time, the concept is called Ondo and it comes from Pilotfish, a renowned industrial design firm.

The Ondo phone combines “form-sensitive flexible materials” with advanced music editing capabilities, allowing you to modify sounds just by bending and twisting the device.

Its OLED touchscreen display is made from three removable parts, called sticks. These can be clipped onto various musical instruments in order to record live sound.

After the record session is through, you can send music via MMS.





Although the Ondo phone is only a concept for the moment, Pilotfish says the technology needed for it to be manufactured will be available in the “near future”. Well, we’re waiting.

Via Press release (PDF link)

Author: Ilinca Nita

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