LG Renoir KC910 available in pink too

LG Cookie’s big brother, the Renoir KC910, is now available in a pink version that will probably attract more women and girls than the black edition.
Released in Europe back in November 2008, the black LG Renoir quickly became a popular phone, thanks in no small part to its 8MP autofocus camera with xenon flash, as well as to its other features (including Wi-Fi, HSDPA connectivity, 3-inch touchscreen display, accelerometer, TV out and so on).  

The pink LG Renoir obviously has the specs of the original phone, the only difference being its new case:


For the moment, it looks like the pink Renoir is available only in the UK (through Orange, O2 and T-Mobile), but I guess other European markets will get it too, sooner or later. 

Via Omio

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • tinkle

    deos anyone know when exactly the product will be releasd in the uk ?

  • http://www.technotalks.com/reviews/lg-renoir-pink-phone-announced-for-women/ Sam Michel

    LG launches phones for Womans beacuse womans like pink color that's why LG launches this phone, LG Renoir Pink Phone. Phone is inegrated with touchscreen and onscreen QWERTY keypad. It has 8 mp camera, with 8x zoom and Xenon flash.