Motorola Calgary to run on Android. Motorola Rolex in the making?

Motorola Calgary, which we saw back in December 2008, is now rumored to be Moto’s very first handset to run on Android.

BGR reports that the QWERTY-equipped Calgary might be focused on social networking.

Unfortunately, further details are currently missing. However, according to previous reports, Motorola should release an Android handset before mid-2009, which means the Calgary may be officially announced (by Verizon?) in the next few months.


Android aside, it’s said that the American handset maker also prepares another Aura-like phone, called Motorola Rolex. This is what its screen looks like:


In other Moto news, the Flash and Inferno phones (leaked at the same time with the Calgary) were apparently cancelled. Too bad.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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