Palm Pre’s hardware costs only about $138

While the exact price for which the Palm Pre will be sold is still not known, we do have an estimated production cost for the long-awaited smartphone.

According to a BusinessWeek report, iSuppli says that the manufacturing cost of a Palm Pre is somewhere around $138 (€104).

Of course, the actual value of a Pre also implies R&D costs, software-related costs and others, but the $138 hardware cost is still surprisingly low.  For comparison, a BlackBerry Bold costs $169 to be made, while an iPhone costs $174. 

iSuppli estimates that Palm wants to charge Sprint $300 for a Pre, while the US carrier will “likely” sell the handset for $200 with a contract and a $100 rebate.


It’s said that Sprint plans to release the Pre in May or in June, so let’s better wait for this to happen before believing anything regarding the smartphone’s price.

Pricing aside, we’ve heard that initial Palm Pre stocks may be low – but let’s hope this won’t happen.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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