Smaller Palm Pre coming in late 2009?

Palm Pre is definitely one of 2009’s hottest smartphones, but what if Palm would come up with a device similar to it, but smaller?

According to TechCrunch and one of their “better sources”, the Sunnyvale-based company plans to launch such a device later this year – a Mini Pre – possibly in the third quarter.

Sadly, there are no details about the new handset, other than the fact that it’s like a smaller Pre (with WebOS on board, of course).  

We’re not sure if this has anything to do with that rumored keyboardless Palm Centro 2, but it might.


Of course, this can’t be more than a rumor for the moment, but the idea of a smaller Palm Pre is surely nice (and I bet Angelina Jolie will like it). Verizon’s iPhone lite and/or the iPhone nano would have a competitor this way – assuming that these two iPhones will ever be released.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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