Firefox Mobile (Fennec) to use Google Location Services

Mozilla Firefox for mobile, aka Fennec, will feature geolocation, thanks to Google’s Location Services.

According to Doug Turner from Mozilla, geolocation will be an “opt-in tool” that shares users’ location only if they want to. 

If you allow Fennec to use geolocation, the browser will become smarter, providing a better Web experience. For example, when you search for “pizza” via your phone, the browser will return only relevant info, like pizza restaurants from your area. 

More about privacy issues regarding location sharing can be read at Mozilla’s official website

The geolocation feature will also be included in Firefox 3.5 Beta 4 for desktop, which should be released in the near future.


As for the availability of Firefox for mobile, it’s said that Mozilla will release an alpha version pretty soon, with a beta one coming during the summer.

Via WM Experts

Author: Ilinca Nita

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