Microsoft is negotiating carrier-branded versions of Windows Marketplace

I’m sure you already know quite many things about Microsoft’s Windows Marketplace for mobile, but you probably haven’t heard about this: the Redmond-based company is currently in talks with giant European carriers (like Vodafone and O2), in order to launch branded versions of the Marketplace.

So we might soon see a Vodafone Windows Marketplace, an O2 Windows Marketplace and so on.

According to, Maarten Sonneveld from Microsoft Mobile Netherlands has officially confirmed that Microsoft is negotiating with European carriers, although exact details are currently not known.


Windows Marketplace for mobile will be launched at the same time with the first phones running on Windows Mobile 6.5, thus sometime in Q3 or Q4, 2009.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • Paul McGinley

    These are fake screenshots so I would not consider them as what will be on marketplace. When marketplace leaked there were no video proof and the images are different from the one’s from Microsoft. However, for a full list of reasons why these images have been forged ten check out