Samsung Gravity 2, T349 and two other T-Mobile phones spotted in the wild

Samsung and T-Mobile USA have always had a fruitful relationship, and it looks like the two companies will keep it this way from now on too.

No less than four new Samsung phones have just appeared on the Web, all of them being T-Mobile bound and none of them being officially announced.

The best part is that, according to a post made at the TmoNews Forums, all devices are 3G-enabled and they should be out before November 2009.

First on the list is the Samsung Gravity 2 – which will obviously replace the first-generation Gravity, currently sold by T-Mobile for $49.99.

The Gravity 2 has an alphanumeric and a sliding QWERTY keypad and appears in two color versions (Red/Pink and Graphite/Orange), alongside the Samsung T349 that will come as a replacement for Samsung Blast:


Next we have a full-touch, unnamed Samsung handset:



It has a 3MP camera, runs on the TouchWiz UI (like Samsung Memoir) and it should come for an affordable price.

Finally, there’s another QWERTY-equipped handset from Samsung, featuring two displays and a clamshell design:


The name of this phone is also unknown, but it should be released sometime during the summer.

Another interesting rumor is that Samsung Houdini is in fact the Samsung i7500 and T-Mo USA will release it in November.    

Via BGR 

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • kevin

    In fact, In March 2009, T-mobile offical already adds the T349 to their sales-training database., There you can get more details about photo,specs,features, and even the user manual, quickstart guide in PDF


  • Girl cant hump

    o ya i got the right tatics to turn u on

  • Hannah

    I have a question where can you buy this phone because i am very interested in it and i really want to buy it????????

  • Hannah

    i am interested in the QWERTY-equipped handset from Samsung, featuring two displays and a clamshell design: please tell me where i can buy it?

  • hottwheells

    the clam shell one is actually the new gavity, i was informed of what the new one looked like when i was on the phone with a t-mobile worker.

  • Phil

    The unnamed touchscreen from Samsung is the Highlight (or Highnote?) and the clamshell is the Comeback. Both are due to be released mid-july according to a T-Mobile rep I spoke to.

    There seems to be another full-QWERTY Samsung clamshell phone called the xo

  • allison97

    i have been havin the samsung gravity first editionn (not samsung gravity 2) for 4 months so far. This is only my second phone, and i think it is very horrible. The paint job is very poor. I dont always get my calls or my text messages never get sent. This is also a very slow cell phone. The memory card doesnt even work for it. my brother and my friend has it, and theirs somehow olds more messages. The buttons dont always work and they get very confused. Also my case from the tmobile store is very poor and it always comes off. When I recieve texts it shows up the wrong name sometimes. Very confusing. I no u think the gravity 2 is good but i dont know, so see 4 urself. Now me n my brother r begging for a new fone. sometimes is shuts of by itself

  • wilburbeast

    to hottwheells:
    its not the gravity 2.
    this is.

  • Johnny

    GREAT PHONE! for texter. Battery life is much better than I read/expected (Gravity 1 initially had issues with battery monitor app.) My battery lasts 4+ days with a good amount of texting every day. Call clarity is great, speakerphone great. The only negative I have is that the phone is a little slippery. I fixed this by adding clear plastic strips (viewscreen protector type) on the sides and back. Invisible and No more slippage :) This is the best phone I have owned so far. 5/5

  • Johnny

    Sorry folks… my review is for Gravity 2.

  • Name

    what is this phone called?? i would love to have this phone cause im a big texter

  • karen

    wow amazing that is wicked kool

  • mackenziecooper

    how in the heck do i get a signature on my gravity 2

  • phillip

    i think the gravity is the hottest cell phone out right now.

  • flag

    u ugly

  • phillip

    i think the gravity is the hottest cell phone out right now.

  • flag

    u ugly