Fractus sues 10 cell phone makers for antenna patent violation

Fractus S.A., a relatively unknown Spain-based company, has recently sued no less than ten mobile phone manufacturers for infringing nine different patents.

According to the company, the handset makers that infringed its patents are: Samsung, LG Electronics, Research In Motion, HTC, Palm, Pantech, Sharp, Kyocera, Sanyo and UTStarcom.

The allegedly infringed patents are related to internal antennas used in cell phones.

Reportedly, Fractus “is an early pioneer in developing internal antennas for cellular phones and other industries” and it holds more than 80 patents worldwide, 30 of them being held in the United States – where the suit against the ten handset makers was filed. 

No other details were given, but the declaration of Fractus’ lawyer doesn’t quite promise good things for Samsung, LG and the others:

“It is very brave of Fractus to fight against these cell phone companies, many of whom knew about Fractus and its technology yet still continued to infringe.  Fractus’s inventions have added tremendous value to both the cell phone user and manufacturer.”


HTC has already responded to Fractus’ accusation by saying:

“This patent infringement lawsuit will not impact the Company’s core competency, current customers in USA or devices already on sale in USA.” 

We’ll bring more about this as soon as new details pop up.

Source: Press release – thanks to for the tip.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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