T-Mobile G1 v2 to be launched in October via Walmart?

Forget a minute about the G2 / myTouch 3G and about the Samsung Houdini, because T-Mobile has yet another Android smartphone up its sleeve, and that’s the T-Mobile G1 v2 – codenamed T-Mobile Bigfoot or T-Mobile Morrison.

Manufactured by HTC (or is it Samsung?), the G1 v2 looks like the nicest Android handset made until now and – guess  what – it also has a full sliding QWERTY keyboard.

According to Boy Genius Report, T-Mobile G1 v2 will be launched in the US sometime in October. It should be available via Walmart for $148 with a 2-yr contract agreement, or directly from T-Mobile, for about the same price.


Of course, the existence of T-Mobile G1 v2 has not been officially confirmed, but this will probably happen in the next few months.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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