Samsung a177 – affordable QWERTY phone for AT&T

It looks like affordable messaging phones are all the rage today, and that’s why AT&T is getting ready to launch a new phone of this kind: Samsung a177. 
The a177 is a QWERTY-equipped candybar which will be sold by AT&T on pre-pay, as a GoPhone handset.

And while its exact price is not known, Engadget says that the phone features GSM/EDGE connectivity, a low-end camera (possibly VGA) and some sort of stylish pattern on the back case. So it’s obviously not a smartphone, like the Samsung Propel Pro recently reviewed by us is. 

This is what the Samsung a177 looks like:


No word yet on when the Samsung a177 will be available for purchase. It might come at the same time with AT&T’s new three-dollar per day GoPhone plan (thus on Monday, May 11), but we can’t be sure about that just yet.

Author: Ilinca Nita

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  • dropship

    Does anyone know if this phone has full html browsing?

  • EJones

    I have this phone and I love it. I can access the web and my email.

  • krystin

    it does i just got it yesterday i love it but the keys are really tiny

  • tanya31

    does anybody knw how 2 send music via bluetooth?

  • tanya31

    does anybody knw how 2 send music via bluetooth?