Samsung Magnet, Alias 2 Now on Sale

When it rains, it pours for Samsung. Countless leaked devices as well as countless released devices grace the pages of this blog, and they all seem to happen very close to each other.

Such is the case with the Samsung Alias 2 and Samsung Magnet, both messaging phones being released on two different carriers.

First, the more exciting of the two is the Samsung Alias 2, a dual flip phone sold on Verizon. We haven’t seen one of these come out in a while, so it’s a welcome change; but the thing that makes the Alias 2 most unique is the E-ink feature.

This is the first time E-ink has made it to US shores.The keyboard will change depending on the user’s needs — open it vertically and the keypad will transform into an alphanumeric style keyboard, open it landscape and it will transform into a full QWERTY. It will be interesting to see this in action.

Also, the Alias 2 features RemoSync. This service enables you to sync your corporate email, contacts and calendar from your office PC  (just like any standard smartphone). It also comes with bluetooth and 2.0 MP camera with video.


Next up is the Samsung Magnet, sold on AT&T. This is a Pantech Slate-type phone that is quite basic with full keyboard for messaging. The Magnet’s goal is not to use internet or media features; simply provide a phone and easy texting. It also comes with a basic VGA camera and bluetooth.


Any thoughts on either phone? Both look nice, but I am a bit intrigued by the E-ink feature on the Alias 2. Can’t wait to get our hands on them!

via Samsung Newsroom

Author: Brad Molen

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